Grandad’s Chairs

I always feel so lucky when I get the opportunity to take on vintage, inherited pieces. Not only does keeping inherited furniture reduce your carbon footprint and lessen the number of trees cut down, but more importantly it helps to make your house more homely. Your home is a reflection of you and your personality, and what better way to show off a bit about you by keeping key pieces for multiple generations.

These chairs belonged to the client’s grandparents, and when they sadly passed away they were handed down. Originally made in the 1950s these chairs were looking a little worse for wear. However, being Parker Knoll, an excellent, British-made brand, the frames were sturdy and with some love and some new fabric these chairs were ready to be loved by the next generation. On this occasion, we decided not to sand down and remove the scuff marks from the legs, instead deciding to leave them as a reminder of times gone by. We hope these chairs are loved by many more generations to come.

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